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The CampingRandy™ Store

Our Mission

Superior Pre and Post Sales Support
Our mission is to create an educational experience to improve your life with your Honda. I promise to give pre and post sales support, as this is the basis of creating The CampingRandy™ Store. You can Call us, Text us, hit us up on Social Media and we will respond. We are real people, just like you. We take pride in helping others achieve their Outdoor, Off-Road, Adventure, Camping goals. However, don't take my kindness as weakness. I have zero toleration for rude nasty humans. Remember - it doesn't matter what you have right now, start now. Get outside and Enjoy the Adventures! - CampingRandy

What is up!?!

"Enjoy the Adventures" - CampingRandy®
My name is Randy, aka CampingRandy™. I am a Honda Advocate and love Honda's variable torque management system (i-VTM-4), and pretty much anything off-road Honda related activity. We love to hike, camp, cook, overland, breweries, and wineries; #smallbusiness. The Honda Ridgeline and Honda Passport are so capable, The Ridgeline has a 20.1-degree approach angle, 19.6-degree break-over angle, and 22.1-degree departure angle. There is not a lot out there to choose from for these platforms, so lets make a cool place where innovators can sell their Ridgeline Product in a one stop shop, with support. If you have any questions, hit me up on Social Media @campingrandy, or email Thanks for stopping by!

Why we built it!

Shipping • Return • Cancellation Policies

We are Small Business Owners. Things Take Time
International Shipping: We do not ship outside the northern continental United States of America. If you live outside those 48 states, we can not deliver to you. If for some reason the system allows you to order, your items will be canceled and issued a refund in a timely manner. We will not deliver to Alaska, Hawaii, Canada, Mexico, or Puerto Rico. If you live in these areas, please email us directly as some items may be able to ship at additional fees. Return Policy: Any non-electrical item(s) purchased from from The CampingRandy Store may be returned within 14 days of the order being received, as long as the items have been unused (unmounted) and are in the original packaging. Return amount will only be for products purchased, not shipping to or cost of return shipping. If your item had shipping included (FREE SHIPPING) there will be a 20% restock fee subtracted from refund. Since PayPal, Square, and Stripe DO NOT refund us their Fees; Payment fees will not be refunded as well. Tips are non-refundable. Electrical items such as S-VCM or Idlestopper but not limited to these two items are not returnable. Replacement only under warranty. Cancellations: Any cancellations after placing an order prior to shipment will result in 10% cancellation fee. No cancellation fee for back-ordered items. Payment Fees & Tips are non-refundable. If your product ships, it falls under the return policy. If your order shipped, cancellation falls under Return Policy. RUDE DUDE POLICY: If for some reason you are mean and / or disrespectful to myself or anyone else during the order or post sale process. Your order will be canceled and refunded. If your product has arrived and you are an a-hole, you will be banned from buying with us again. I don't know where anyone gets off being rude and entitled to treat others like garbage. We are a small business. We are not Amazon or Walmart and I have zero toleration for rude-ass nasty people.

The CampingRandy™ Store

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